This district lies at the Kaveri delta region, the most fertile region in the state. The district is the main rice

producing region in the state and hence known as the Rice Bowl of Tamil Nadu.Kaveri River and its

tributaries irrigate the district. Apart from paddy, farmers here grow coconut and sugarcane and it is the

largest producer of coconut in Tamil Nadu.Being an agrarian economy, industrial growth in the district is

mainly confined to agro-based industries. A large number of Rice mills, Oil mills are spread over the

district.Agriculture in Thanjavur is the main source of livelihood for most of the people of Thanjavur.

Cultivation has been the major occupation of the local inhabitants of Thanjavur since the land is ideally suited

for growing crops like rice and wheat.

            here we may know and see all the things used for agriculture,soil types,soil speciality, water

requirement for all crops 

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