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General information of Tanjore

                         special and general things of thanjavur is  described here.we  may know the each and

every single places and thing of thanjavur .history of every single terms may find here.District collector

information still date and  great scholars history like kalki ,we may know the  history  and news of

manora,palace ,bigtemple,saraswathi mahal, all religious places .

philatelic exhibition

The Indian Philatelic history began with the introduction of paper postage in India in 1852. Before that

copper tokens were introduced for payment of postage in 1774. Their use was, however, not found to

be very convenient and need was felt for some other token of pre-payment. With the success of Penny

Postage in England, Sir Bartel Frere, the Commissioner of Sind introduced paper stamps for his

province in 1852.Philately is a delightful hobby that sharpens and satisfies one’s aesthetic tastes. While

expanding knowledge of and interaction with the world one gets to know interesting details of politics,

history, prominent personalities, national and international events, geography, flora and fauna,

agriculture, science, monuments, soldiers, warriors, scientists, arms and ammunition, modes of

transport etc. This process of learning becomes more delightful through visuals and brief write-ups. In

addition, philately cultivates a meticulous and focused attention to detail. It also helps in making friends

across boundaries and age-barriers.