The Raja’s Chattrams were founded and endowed in the first instance with the

intention of helping pilgrims on their way to Rameswaram. It was also understood that all travellers should

be assisted for which free meals, or, if desired, uncooked food , are distributed twice daily to all bona fide

traveller, and separate acooomondation is provided for different castes and classes.

                    Thus between the years 1743 and 1837, The Maratta Rulers of Tanjore founded a number of

charitable institutions  called ‘Chattrams‘ for the accommodation of travellers on the main road to

Rameswaram. Most of these chattrams are named after ladies of the palace eg- a mother, wife or sister or

of a favorite of some raja’s seraglio. The names of the twenty chattrams under the management of the

District Board during 1907-908 are as follows

                  The management of the chattrams appears to have been retained in the hands of the family of the   

Tanjore Rajas,until the death of the last Raja, when the Chattrams were taken over by the Board of Revenue

and managed, under regulation VII of 1817, through the institution of District Collector.Mayiladuthurai from

city to the holy destination for hiking trip toRameshwaram, free food, lodging, to  get  free  Medicare, 

scholarships for  poor people, providing education, training, the charity has a number of

temples to conduct Poojas
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