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                           Thanjavur is an important pilgrim centre and a major tourist destination of Tamil

Nadu. South Zone Culture Centre in Thanjavur is one of the regional cultural centres established by

the Government of India to preserve and promote cultural heritage of India. There were 2,002,225

Indian and 81,435 foreign tourist arrivals in 2009 to Thanjavur.The most visited monument in

Thanjavur is the Brihadeeswarar Temple, whose construction, the historian Percy Brown described

as "a landmark in the evolution of building art in South India".Built in the 11th century by the Chola

king Raja Raja Chola I (985-1014), the temple is dedicated to the Hindu god Shiva. The walls of the

sanctum are covered with wall paintings from the Chola and Nayak periods. The temple was

designated an UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1987. It is replicated in the Gangaikonda Cholesvarar

Temple constructed by Raja Raja's son Rajendra Chola I (1012-44).

                           Many of them knows Siva Navagraha Stahlams but Vaishnava Nava graha

Stahlams also in and around Kumbakonam. The vaishnava navagraha parikara sthalam's are listed below.

Sun (suryan) : Sri Sarangapani temple (Thirukudanthai-Kumbakonam)
Moon(chandran) : Sri Naadan Kovil (Thirunandipura vinnagaram)
Mars (sevvai) : Nachiyaar Kovil (Thirunaraiyur)
Mercury(budan) : Valvil Ramar Kovil (Thirupullamboothangudi)
Jupiter (guru) : Andallakummaiyyan (Thiruaadhanoor)
Venus (shukran) : Valvil Ramar kovil (Thiruvelliyankudi)
Saturn (sani) : Oppiliappan Kovil (Thiruvinnagaram)
Raghu : Gajendra Varadan kovil (Thirukavithalam)
Kethu : Jagat Rakshakan kovil (Thirukudaloor)
Mandi : Saranathan Kovil (Thirucherai)