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        Labour Officer, Thanjavur is the original name of the Officer Since the Labour Officer Post has been recently Re-designated vide G.O (m.s)NO:3 Dated: 08.01.2018 of the Labour and Employment (E1) department, the name of post of Labour Officer, has been changed as Assistant Commissioner of Labour, Thanjavur.

The Assistant Commissioner of Labour , Thanjavur is having jurisdiction over Thanjavur, Thiruvarur, and Nagappattinam Districts.

He is the only Conciliation Officer for the above 3 Districts under the Industrial Disputes Act 1947. He has power to settle the following kinds .

  1. Disputes related to the dismissal (or) non non-employment of workers.
  2. Disputes related to the strikes, Lockouts and closure.
  3. Disputes related to wage revision, Bonus, Retrenchment, Lay-off and other general issues related their employment.

If the Industrial Disputes Settled amicably by him, then he will effect a tripartite Settlement Under Sec 12(3) of the Industrial Disputes Act, 1947. It is binding to all the parties to the settlement. If the Assistant Commissioner of Labour could not able to settle the Dispute, he will send a failure report to the Government through the Commissioner of Labour, Chennai. On the basis of failure report of the Assistant Commissioner of Labour, The Government will either refer the dispute to the Labour Court (or) Industrial Tribunal concerned, (or ) The Government will declined to refer the dispute, If there is no merit in the dispute


      Tamilnadu Government formed Tamilnadu Construction Workers Welfare Board in 1994 for the Welfare of Construction Workers and also formed Unorganised Workers Welfare Boards for the Welfare of Unorganised Workers form 28.04.1999. Government have sanctioned District level Offices in the Name of Labour Officer (Social Security Scheme) in G.O.Ms.No.124 Labour and Employment Department Dated : 24.10.2008 for Sanctioning of Assistance to Board members who were registered as members in the concerned Boards. In According to the above G.O. a district level Labour Office for Thanjavur District is functioning at Thanjavur. Now it has been re-designated as Assistant Commissioner of Labour (Social Security Scheme), Thanjavur.

      In this District 33,451 Construction Workers and 91,269 Unorganised Workers were registered and Identity Cards were issued to the members. In this Welfare Scheme Educational Assistance to their Children, Purchase of Spectacles, Marriage Assistance, Maternity Assistance to Members, Natural Death and Accidental Death of Members Assistance given to Nominee/Legal heir . Members who attained age 60 years will get Rs.1,000/- as Pension from 01.01.2012. Family Pension of Rs.400/- is given to the wife/husband of the deceased workers registered in Tamilnadu Construction Workers Welfare Board w.e.f. 24.01.2012.

In this office from the beginning i.e., from 01.11.2008 to 15.02.2018 there are 48,726 members were benefited with Assistance of Rs.13,63,53,490/-. Under the Chairmanship of District Collector 3 Monitoring Committee Meetings were conducted, and 17 Special Camps were conducted.

As per Instructions of Government, from 18.07.2012 all Assistance to Workers are being paid through Electronic Clearance System (ECS). All Pensioners of Both Construction and Unorganized Workers are also paid through Electronic Clearance System (ECS).


  • All the manual workers including construction workers may become as a member of the board.
  • Age minimum 18 years completed and must not have completed 60.
  • They must do any one of the manual work mentioned in the scheme.
  • Application must be in the prescribed format.
  • Along with the application documents related to Proof of the age, Proof of the address, Employment certificate and Bank Account number (photo copy of the Bank Passbook first page).
  • Proof of the Age : Any one of the following documents (i.e.) Birth Certificate, School Certificate, Driving License, Ration card, Voter identity card, original certificate from a Civil Surgeon of a Government Hospital in the prescribed format duly signed by the worker.
  • For Address Proof : Birth Certificate, Driving License, Ration card, Voter Identity card.
  • Employment certificate in the application and verification certificate from the V.A.O concerned.
  • Passport size photos 3copies enclosed .
  • For Unique identity purpose a Xerox copy of Adhar.
  • No fees is prescribed for registration .


  • Every registered member must renew his card once in five years.
  • The card must be renewed before its expiry and for the non-renewal period member is not entitled for any benefit.
  • The card must be renewed till the member completes 60 years.


  • In case of loss of the registration card, a duplicate registration card will be issued by the Assistant Commisioner of Labour (SSS) on the basis of an application made by the registered manual worker to Assistant Commisioner of Labour (SSS) in person.
  • A fees of the Rs.20/- will be collected by Assistant Commissioner of Labour (SSS) for issue of duplicate registration card to Assistant Commissioner of Labour (SSS).


  • A registered manual worker is eligible to avail various scheme benefits provided by the welfare boards.
  • Application forms for various types of financial assistance shall be submitted in the format prescribed in the scheme, applicable to the worker / dependant / legal heir.

The financial assistance provided to the registered workers are listed below.





 1.  Accidental Death  Rs.1,00,000/-
 Accidental Disablement  Upto Rs.1,00,000/-
 2.  Natural Death  Rs.25,000/-
 3.  Educational Assistance
 1) 10th Studying (Girls Children Only)  Rs.1,000/-
 2) 10th Pass  Rs.1,000/-
 3) 11th Studying (Girls Children Only)  Rs.1,000/-
 4) 12th Studying (Girls Children Only)  Rs.1,500/-
 5) 12th Pass  Rs.1,500/-
 Day scholar Hosteller
 6) Any Graduation  Rs.1,500/- Rs.1,750/-
 7) Any Post Graduation  Rs.4,000/- Rs.5,000/-
 8) Any Technical Graduation Rs.4,000/- Rs.6,000/-
 9) Any Technical Post Graduation  Rs.6,000/- Rs.8,000/-
 10) ITI (or) Polytechnic  Rs.1,000/- Rs.1,200/-
 4.  Marriage Assistance  Rs.3,000/- (for Gents) Rs.5,000/- (for Ladies) 
 5.  Maternity Assistance Rs.6,000/-
6. Miscarriage (for Ladies Only) Rs.3,000/-
7. Spectacles Assistance Upto Rs.500/-
8. Pension Assistance Rs.1,000/-(for Monthly)
9. Family Pension Rs.400/- (for Monthly)

Tamilnadu Construction Workers Welfare Board:


Education to the childrens of the registered construction workers in the Standard best Private Schools:

(Go.(Ms) no.14 dated: 31.01.2017 of Labour and Employment (I1) Dept)

  1. Under this scheme childrens of the Registered construction Welfare Board Workers, Who studied up to Vth std, in Govt/Govt aided/ Corporation/Municipal/ Panchayath Schools, will be selected at the rate of one child for each Block. They will be given education from VIth std onwards in the selected best Standard Private Schools.
  2. Similarly, In each Dist, 10 childrens of Registered Construction Workers, who studied up to Xth std, in Govt/Govt aided/ Corporation/Municipal/ Panchayath Schools, will be selected on the basis of Xth mark of Government Examination. They will be given education in the selected best Standard Private Schools in XIth and XIIth std as per their wishes.
  3. The Construction Board will pay the school fee already fixed by the one man committee, and additionally Rs.15,000/- for hostel&Rs.5,000/- for the maintenance of the children. This school Scheme will be implemented by the Assistant Commissioner Of Labour (Social Security Scheme) with the co-operation of CEO&DEO (Elementary education) and other members already appointed by the District Collector.

Enhancement of Natural Death Assistance and Funeral Expenses.

Natural death assistance and Funeral expenses given to various Registered UnOrganised Labour  Welfare  Board members have been enhanced from Rs.15,000/- to Rs.20,000/- and from Rs.2,000/- to Rs.5,000/- respectively  (G.O. (Ms)No.196, Dated:17.11.2017 of the Labour and Employment (I2) Dept.)

Personal Accident relief to the registered and Un-registered Construction Workers at worksite.

As per Go.(Ms) No. 157 Labour and Employment(I2) department Dated.11.12.2014, Personal accident relief paid to the nominees of the Registered Construction Workers Welfare Board Workers has been enhanced from Rs. 1,00,000/- to Rs.5,00,000/- in the case of death due to accident that happened at worksite.

This scheme has been now extended to the Unregistered Construction Workers also in the case of accident at worksite. w.e.f..01.03.2016 as per Go.(Ms).No.65, Dated: 01.03.2016. of Labour Employment (I2) Department.


 01. Tamilnadu Construction Workers Welfare Board
 02. Tamilnadu Manual Workers Welfare Board
03. Tamilnadu Unorganised  Drivers Welfare Board
04. Tamilnadu Tailoring Workers Welfare Board
05. Tamilnadu Hairdressers Workers Welfare Board
06. Tamilnadu Laundry Workers Welfare Board
07. Tamilnadu Palm tree Workers Welfare Board
08. Tamilnadu Handicrafts Workers Welfare Board
09. Tamilnadu Handloom Workers Welfare Board
10. Tamilnadu Leather Workers Welfare Board
11. Tamilnadu Artists Workers Welfare Board
 12. Tamilnadu Goldsmith Workers Welfare Board
13. Tamilnadu Pottery Workers Welfare Board
14. Tamilnadu Domestic Workers Welfare Board
15. Tamilnadu Street Vendors and Shops and Establishments  Workers  Welfare Board
16. Tamilnadu Power loom Workers Welfare Board
17. Tamilnadu Cooking Workers Welfare Board