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Poondi Matha Bascilica
Category Historic

This Basicla in Poondi village is a Roman Catholic pilgrim centre like Velankanni. It attracts pilgrims from all over India….

Grand Anicut Canal
Category Historic

            Karikala Cholan (2nd Century AD) constructed a water reservoir of the Grand Anicut by…

புகைப்படம் சரஸ்வதி மஹால் நூலகம்.
Saraswathi Mahal Library

Thanjavur Maharaj Serfoji’s Saraswathi Mahal Library is one among a few libraries in the world with texts of the medieval…

Image of Big Temple.
Big (Brihadeeshwara) Temple

The Big Temple of Tanjavore is a stunning monument that speaks oodles about the architectural mastery of the Chola era….