PWD – Water Resources Department ( WRD )

The history of the Public works Department of Tamilnadu starts in the period in contemporary with the East Indian Company around 1820 AD. This is the 3rd oldest Department after Revenue and Judicial Departments. While most parts of the India were under the British ruling this engineering wing was restructured into the Government Department on 1858 AD. In the earlier half of the 18th century the institute of surveying and Guindy Engineering college had been under the control of the Public work Department.

Public Works Department has been serving for the past 159 years in the construction and maintenance of Irrigation of structures and Government Buildings, massive structures and monuments stand as testimony to our engineering skill.

The water for delta irrigation released from Mettur dam reaches the Grand Anicut situated at Thogur village in Thiruvaiyaru Taluk of Thanjavur District.  At Grand Anicut the water has been regulated and distributed to Cauvery, Vennar, Grand Anicut Canal and Coleroon rivers by the divisions of Lower Cauvery Basin circle Thanjavur to irrigate the command area of 4,53,046 acres. During floods the storm water is being diverted  to the Coleroon river,  the flood carrier, in the Grand Anicut and their by the irrigation systems of  Cauvery, Vennar, Grand Anicut Canal are kept intact without any damages.

Objectives :-

The following works are planned to be executed by the Public works Department.

  • Improvements and maintenance of Irrigation structures and other irrigation components.
  • Augmentation of water resources and formulation of new additional schemes and structures.
  • Maintenance of the Government buildings of the state.
  • Improvement and maintenance of water courses and drainages systems.
  • Identification of feasible irrigation schemes and formulation of estimates and there by upholding the assurance, policy and schemes of Government.
  • Field and laboratory testings of construction materials and hydraulic and hydrological parameters.
  • Testing the quality and quantity of Ground water.

Organisation Chart of Water Resources Department

Public works Department Chart


The Schemes for formation of Dams for irrigation development, reservoirs , canals and cross masonry works such as regulators, weirs, controlling structures have been formulated very meticulously by this Departments.

Work Plans:-

In the recent past following additional goals have been taken for inception. Since 95% of surface water have been utilized the remaining portion of this resource has to be distributed utilized with efficient water management.

The available water should be rationally utilized by considering the necessity  of space and time.

The participatory irrigation management should be improved with the help of farmers and Non Government organization.

While according sanctions to the schemes the world bank gives suggestions to improve efficiency of the irrigation systems, the concerned staff and farmers.

Contact Details

Contact Details of Office of the Superintending Engineer., WRD.,

Address                      :           Superintending Engineer., WRD.,

Lower Cauvery Basin Circle,

Santhapillai Gate, Thanjavur.

Telephone No            :           04362 230133

Email ID                      : 

Division and Sub Division Offices :

  1. Cauvery Basin Division, Thanjavur (Telephone No : 04362 230251)

    Cauvery Basin Division having head quarters at Thanjavur has 3 sub divisions under  its control namely Cauvery Basin Sub Division, Thanjavur, Cauvery Basin Sub Division, Kumbakonam and River conservancy Sub Division, Kumbakonam.

  2. Cauvery Basin Division (East), Mayiladuthurai (Telephone No : 04364 225904)

    Cauvery Basin Division having head quarters at Mayiladuthurai has  Cauvery Basin Sub Division, Aduthurai and its control.

  3. Vennar Basin Division, Thanjavur (Telephone No : 04362 271250)

    Vennar Basin Division having head quarters at Thanjavur has  Vennar Basin Sub Division, Thanjavur and its control.

  4. Grand Anicut Canal Division, Thanjavur (Telephone No : 04362 230740)

    Grand Anicut Canal Division having head quarters at Thanjavur has 4 sub divisions under  its control namely G.A Canal Sub Division-1, Thanjavur, G.A Canal Sub Division-2 and G.A Canal Sub Division-2 at Pattukottai and Remodernisation sub Division, Peravurani.

  5. Agniyar Basin Division, Pattukottai (Telephone No : 04373 235995)

    Agniyar Basin Division having head quarters at Pattukottai has 3 sub divisions under  its control namely Irrigation Sub Division, Pattukottai, Irrigation Sub Division, Peravurani and Drainage Sub Division, Pattukottai.

Details of Offices under RTI Act :-
Address :-
  1. Superintending Engineer., WRD.,

    Lower Cauvery Basin Circle,
    Santhapillai Gate, Thanjavur.

  2. Executive Engineer, WRD.,

    Cauvery Basin Division,
    M.K.M Road, Thanjavur.

  3. Executive Engineer, WRD.,

    Vennar Basin Division,
    M.K.M Road, Thanjavur.

  4. Executive Engineer, WRD.,

    Grand Anicut Canal Division,
    Santhapillai Gate, Thanjavur.

  5. Executive Engineer, WRD.,

    Agniyar Basin Division,
    Pattukottai, Thanjavur District.