Our Goal:

  • To implement Minimum Support Price
  • To stabilize the rates during glut or scarce times
  • To ensure fair price to farmers.
  • To safeguard welfare of farmers.
  • To implement better regulation on Agricultural commodities.

Our Mission:

The above goals are being achieved by,

  • Following up of MSP in all Regulated Markets.
  • Coordinating with Central procurement agencies like NAFED.
  • Auction procedures are transparent.
  • Pledge loans and Insurance schemes are available to all farmers.
  • One Percent is charged for notified commodities from Traders.

Organisation Chart

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There are 23 Market committees in Tamilnadu, which are operating autonomously, each under a Special Officer / Chairman.

Thanjavur Market Committee  started in the year 1962.

There are 13 Regulated Markets under Thanjavur Market Committee.

They are

  • Adhirampattinam
  • Ammapet
  • Budalur
  • Kumbakonam
  • Madukkur
  • Orathanadu
  • Pappanadu
  • Papanasam
  • Pattukottai
  • Peravurani
  • Thanjavur
  • Thiruppanthal
  • Vallam

There are 14 notified crops in Thanjavur District: They are,

  • Paddy
  • Groundnut
  • Cashewnut
  • Blackgram
  • Greengram
  • Redgram
  • Red chilies
  • Gingelly
  • Sorghum
  • Maize<.li>
  • Sugar cane Jaggery
  • Cotton
  • Tobacco
  • Coconut
Thanjavur Market Committee,    Thanjavur
S.NO Name of the Regulated Market Own/rent land Total Area
(in Acre)
Arrivals (Mt) Name of the major Commodities Receipt (Rs. In Lakhs)
Inside Outside
Thanjavur Own 5.42 2188 11020 Paddy , Black Gram, Coconut, Gingelly 133.53
Vallam Own 3.2 2297 1917 Paddy , Coconut, 7.83
Budalur Own 11 6231 2260 Paddy 15.57
Orthanadu Own 4.78 769 1591 Paddy , Black Gram, Coconut 24.69
Pappanadu Rent  –  –  –  Paddy 14.33
Pattukottai Own 3.78 1977 11434 Paddy , Coconut 92.18
Adirampattinam Rent  – 1377 Coconut  8.57
Madukkar Rent  –  – 1015  Coconut 25.76
Peravurani Rent  –  –  –  Coconut  –
Papanasam Own 3.34 1040 2970 Paddy , Cotton 34.86
Ammapettai Rent  –  –  –  Paddy 42.77
Kumbakonam Own 5.56 3395 3358 Paddy , Cotton 62.91
Thiruppanandal Rent  – 209 2640 Paddy , Cotton 13.15

Regulated Markets:

The regulated markets provide necessary infrastructure for both farmers and traders, to enable the farmers to bring their agricultural produce to the regulated markets, so that the famers get maximum price benefit for their agricultural produces without the intervention of middlemen and commission agents. These services are provided free of cost to the farmers. One rupee for every hundred rupees of aggregate amount of value of the produce is levied for the first purchase or sale of any notified agricultural produce from the traders.

Facilities in the Regulated Markets:

  • Trading Hall
  • Electronic Weighing Equipment
  • Weighing Machine
  • Go-down facilities in an affordable rent.
  • Auction [Secret and Open] of agricultural produces
  • Pledge Loan For the Farmers
  • Drying Yards
  • Cold storage

Pledge Loan to the Farmers:

Farmers bring their agricultural   produce to the regulated markets for sale. If they cannot sell or the price is very less they can keep their produces in the godowns of the regulated markets for free of cost for the maximum of 15 days. Even after 15 days if the price is very less then they can pledge their produce  for the maximum of 180 days and get upto 3 lakhs rupees as loan. First 15 days are interest free. After 15 days  5% of interest is charged for the loan amount. The farmers can sell their produce within 180 days when the price of their pledged produce is high.

Pledge Loan to The Traders:

When traders buy one or more agricultural produce from farmers they can store agricultural produce at an affordable rent in the regulated markets’ godowns. They can also pledge the agricultural produce for the maximum of 180 days and get loan upto 2 lakhs rupees. The interest is at an affordable 9%.


The Secretary The Special Officer
Thanjavur Market Committee Thanjavur Market Committee
172, Mela Veedhi, 172, Mela Veedhi,
Thanjavur. Thanjavur.
Ph: 04362-223005

The Superintendent/Supervisors of Regulated Markets

Public Information Officer / RTI Authority

The Manager,
Thanjavur Market Committee,
172, Mela Veedhi, Thanjavur.