Municipal Corporation


1. Introduction

Thanjavur is an ancient, historically important town and is the head quarter for Thanajvur District in Tamilnadu State. The city is an important agricultural centre located in the Cauvery Delta at 100 47” latitude 790 08” longitudes and is known as the “Rice bowl of Tamil Nadu”. Thanjavur is administered by a Municipal Corporation covering an area of 36.33 Sq km (14.03 sq mi) and had a population of 2,22,619 in 2011 and divided into 51 Nos of Wards.

Thanjavur Municipality will be upgraded to City Municipal Corporation under the Rule 110. Our Hon’ble Chief Minister has announced that the Further, Municipal Administration and Water Supply Department has issued the Government Order No.23 dated 17.02.2014 and the Thanjavur City Municipal Corporation has came into force from 19.02.2014. In that announcement 1 Town Panchayat and 11 Village Panchayat will be added into the Thanjavur Corporation. The total area comes to 128.02 Sq.Km with the total population of 3,51,655. It is proposed to have the annual income of Rs.6,016.99 Lakhs.

2. Sanitation

In Thanjavur City Municipal Corporation 13 Nos of Sanitary Inspectors, 17 Nos of Sanitary Supervisors, 403 Sanitary Workers and 250 Private Sanitary Workers are engaged for Sanitation work. 2 Nos of JCB, 1 No.of Dumper Placer, 4 Nos of Compactor Vehicles, 7 Nos of Tipper Lorries, 2 Nos of Tipper Tractor, 4 Nos of Mini Lorries, 9 Nos of Mini Autos and 5 Nos of Porter Autos are engaged for Sanitation work.

3. Eradication of Open Defecation

There are 66 Slums in Thanjavur City Municipal Corporation. The Total slum Population of the town is 16325. 64 Nos of Community Latrine is being used by the slum people. Thanjavur City Municipal Corporation is declared as Open Defecation Free on 10.02.2018.

4. Solid Waste Management

Totally 124 MT Garbages were generated per day. Out of which 116 MT Garbages collected through Municipal Corporation Public Health Vehicles. The Corporation is having a compost yard with total area of 20.23 Acres for Solid Waste Management Activities. 225 push carts were being engaged for primary collection of wastes and 20 heavy vehicle and 14 Autos were used for secondary collection. Construction of Sanitary Land fill project at compost yard at a project cost of 737.96 Lakhs is partially completed.Construction of New shed and windrows platform at a project cost of 80.00 Lakhs is completed. Bio-Methanitation project at a project cost of 90.00 Lakhs is completed and ready to put in use.


Under Swachh Bharat Mission Scheme of Government of India, survey has been conducted regarding individual household toilets in all the 51wards, which include 56,420 households. After which 1352 individualhouse hold toilets have been constructed and completed. There are 58community toilets and 18 public toilets in Thanjavur Corporation whichare cleanly maintained for public usage. During the survey 8801 In-sanitary latrine were indentified andconverted into sanitary latrines. On 15.09.2017 “Swachh hi Sewa” Pledge was taken by the Commissionerand Special Officer of Thanjavur City Municipal Corporation in which allthe officers, staffs and workers participated.On 17.09.2017 “Swachh hi Sewa” Pledge was taken by the DistrictCollector, Thanjavur at old bus stand. In this event Hon’ble AgricultureMinister, Hon’ble members of Parliament, Commissioner and SpecialOfficer of Thanjavur City Municipal Corporation, Officers, Staffs andWorkers of various departments, Self Help Groups, NGO’s participated. On 17.09.2017 “Swachh hi Rath” was Flagged by the Hon’ble AgricultureMinister and Hon’ble members of Parliament, which took place from OldBus Stand to Manimandapam. Under “Swachh hi Sewa” fortnight Mega Cleaning Campaigns werecarried out with Mass cleaning activities inside the Thanjavur medicalcollege campus, Raja Mirasudar Hospital, Thanjavur Big Temple, allGovernment Offices and Public gathering places.

On 02.01.2018 “Swachh hi Sewa” Pledge was taken by His ExcellencyGovernor of Tamilnadu at New bus stand. In this event Hon’bleAgriculture Minister, Hon’ble members of Parliament, Commissioner and Special Officer of Thanjavur City Municipal Corporation, Officers ofvarious departments, staffs and workers of various departments, SelfHelp Groups, NGOs, College students participated. On the same day “Swachh hi Rath” was Flagged by his ExcellencyGovernor of Tamilnadu, which took place from New bus stand toManimandapam. is Excellency Governor of Tamilnadu inspected the door to doorcollection and source segregation at collection point in KulanthaiyammalNagar, ward no. 42, Thanjavur Corporation.To carryout survey work under SBM scheme 26 animators,4 supervisors and 1 Co-ordinator are engaged and awareness amongpublic is created regarding the importance of individual house holdtoilets, source segregation and cleanliness.On 10.02.2018 Thanjavur city municipal corporation was declared OpenDefecation Free by Swachh Bharat Mission – Government of India.

6.Dr. Muthulakshmi Reddy benefit scheme 2017-2018

Under Dr.Muthulakshmi Reddy maternity benefit scheme, a sum of Rs.86,64,000/- (Eighty six lakhs and sixty four thousand ) has been disbursed to the pregnant women of below poverty line through ECS till 10th March 2018.

7.Special MCH Camp Report

In Thanjavur corporation, 5 MCH speciality medical camps have been conducted so far during the month of Feb 2018 and March 2018. Through these camps, 213 Ante natal mothers and 120 under five children benefitted. Blood Haemoglobin estimation, Glucose challenge test, Blood grouping and rh typing, HIV for the ante natal mothers and their spouses, urine examinations were done. Ultra sonogram was done for all the high risk pregnant women. Totally 52 high risk mothers were identified and Tetanus toxoid immunization was given to pregnant mothers and Dr.Muthulakshmi Reddy maternity scheme beneficiary details were uploaded and updated.


The following MCH activites are being carried out at all the Urban Primary Health

Centers of Thanjavur Corporation.
1. Registration of antenatal mothers with RCH id
2. Two doses of Tetanus toxoid immunization
3. Providing Iron and folic acid tablets for all the pregnant mothers.
4. Immuinization of all the new borns and children with Oral Polio Vaccine, Hepatitis B Vaccine, BCG Vaccine, Penta valent vaccine, Injectable Polio Vaccine, Measles and Rubella vaccine, DPT Vaccine, Oral Rota Virus Vaccine are all given free of cost to all the children irrespective of the poverty line.
5. After registration the ante natal mothers are given a RCH id, which is unique for every ante natal mother and this RCH ID is essential and mandatory for getting the benefits of cash assistance under Dr.Muthulakshmi Reddy maternity benefit scheme and Janani Suraksha Yojana and it is also mandatory for getting the birth certificate for the newborn.
6. Urban Health Nurses provide three House visits for all the mothers who delivered a normal birth weight baby (Birth weight >2.5kg) and six House visits for all the mothers who delivered a low birth weight (Birth weight <2.5kg), and Health education was given to mothers regarding exclusive breast feeding, immunization, weaning and birth spacing.
9. Family Welfare
The following family welfare services are provided in all the Urban Primary Health Centers, free of cost
1. Oral Contraceptive Pills for female
2. Intra Uterine Contraceptive Device insertion for females
3. Emergency Contraceptive Pills for female
4. Condoms for male
5. Health Education to the Eligible Couples for birth spacing.
6. Health Education to the couples regarding the benefits of small family norms.
10. Dengu Control Activities
As a part of dengu control and prevention activities, Hand bills were given to the public and awareness was created among the public by keeping digital banners in the places where public are gathering in more number. Nila Vembu Kudi Neer was distributed to the school students within the Thanjavur Corporation limit. From August 2017 to December 2017, totally 472 Fever speciality camps were conducted in various places of Thanjavur Corporation. Domestic Breeding Checkers were engaged for anti laraval work, Hand bills distribution and creation of awareness regarding dengue control and prevention. Fogging activities were carried out by vehicle mounted fogging machine, Pulsfog machines and Hand fog machines to control adult mosquitoes. Chlorination activites were strengthened at all points of Corporation water delivery system, with a free residual chlorine of 0.2 ppm to 0.5 ppm at the terminal point of water usage. Fever surveillance and Dengue surveillance activites are being carried out by getting the line list of fever cases and dengue cases from all the Government and Private hospitals within Thanjavur Corporation limit.Speical mass tyre removal campaigns were carried out to eliminate the breeding places of Aedes larvae. Every Thursday , Anti Dengue Day activites were intensified in all the Schools, Government Office Buildings, Private Hospital Buildings, other places where public are gathering in more number. Aedes Free Zone certificates were obtained by Head of the Institutions of all the Schools, Government Office Buildings, Private Hospital Buildings by the District Collector Office. In all the 51 wards and important public gathering places like Railway station, Bus stands and Big temple, Dengue awareness street play was conducted to create awareness among public regarding prevention and control of dengue.

11. Urban Primary Health Centers
Construction of new buildings is going on in all the following UPHCs, which were being funded by National Health Mission and the construction work is in progress.
1. Karanthai
2. Kallukulam
3. Mahar Nombu Chavady
4. Srinivasapuram
In all the Urban Primary Health Centers, the following investigations are being done free of cost.
1. Blood Heamoglobin estimation
2. Blood grouping and rh typing
3. Glucose Challenge Test
4. Blood Sugar Estimation
6. Blood urea
7. Serum Creatinine
8. Serum Cholesterol
9. Urine for Pregnancy test
10. Urine for albumin and sugar
11. HIV testing for the entire ante natal mother and their spouses and all Tuberculosis patients
12. In Karanthai UPHC, Cell counter is available and Complete Blood Count is being carried for all the antenatal mothers by which we can assess the Haemoglobin values with in a minute and for all fever patients by which we can assess the Platelet count with a minute.

12. Kallukulam Urban Primary Health Center
Kallukulam UPHC is selected by the National Health Mission for upgrading it, to a Government Poly Clinic. At present, the following speciality clinics are being conducted at Kallukulam UPHC.

FRIDAY (Once in a month) PHYSIOTHERAPY 4.00 PM to 6.00 PM

13. Other Activities
Vitamin A solution is provided to all the children from 6 months of age to 6 years of age in a campaign mode, twice a year.
Albendazole Tablets are provided to all in the age group of 2 years to 19 years through ICDS Centers and Schools in a campaign mode, twice a year
Intensified Pulse Polio Campaign is being carried out every year, in two phases, to immunize all the under-5 years children, irrespective of their previous immunization status with 2 drops of Oral Polio Vaccine.